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2007 Suzuki Swift 1.3GL

Jan 2008 - Second Report (4,000 miles)

2007 Suzuki Swift 1.3GL 2007 Suzuki Swift 1.3GL 2007 Suzuki Swift 1.3GL

More miles equals more revs, more revs equals more go. Oh yes, the Swift is loosening nicely and its cross country pace has increased according, it’s not sweet when red-lined (6500rpm) but it’s eager to get there and above 4500 it has a decent pull. As it’s light it makes the most of its 91bhp, this allied to its sharp turn-in makes it so much fun to punt along a twisty road. Carry that speed into the corner, feel the lean thanks to its top-hat height, the tail goes light, nail the throttle as early as you dare and out of the corner it flies. The little white Swift driven with commitment and flair makes a great companion for a cross-country blat.

Fuel consumption still at 42mpg, not bad when most of the miles are either me driving "enthusiastically" or "popping" trips, you know "just popping to the shops/school/guitar lessons". It still makes me smile every time I approach it on the drive or car park and by the amount I have seen on the road its popularity is growing. The interior’s appeal has not worn off either; it’s squeak free and its little cubby-holes are proving very useful for storing all that tat my wife thinks essential for the modern driving experience, it’s like an extension of her handbag! Another very simple point is that it’s an easy interior to keep clean; unlike the Audi there are very few dirt-traps, those hard-to-get-the-vac-in places.

In the last report I praised the controls on the steering wheel, still great but at night they don’t illuminate so, as it’s not my daily driver, in the dark I find myself changing the CD track or re-tuning the radio instead of raising the volume when one of my fave driving tracks comes on. Still not totally happy with the clutch and find it difficult to drive smoothly when doing low speed manoeuvres, its action just feels too high. Mrs Wife has reported some reluctance to start on damp mornings, taking 3 cranks, so I might pay a visit to Colin Appleyard, the Suzuki dealer in Huddersfield, to see what can be done with that and the clutch, its not the closest dealer but it does mean using some great twisty roads to get there!


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