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2007 Suzuki Swift 1.3GL

Oct 2007 - First Report (1,200 miles)

2007 Suzuki Swift 1.3GL 2007 Suzuki Swift 1.3GL 2007 Suzuki Swift 1.3GL

Mrs Wife’s Cheeky Monkey (or Suzuki Swift 1.3GL to the rest of the world).

Mrs Wife had a Mondeo which had one careful owner before her (me) and after 10 years and 160k she decided it was time for a change. She wanted a new Mini but even second-hand the costs were too high so the net was widened and the Swift caught our eye. A couple of test drives and a bit of websurfing later we bought one. Its great and fun to drive. The 1.3 engine is ok if a little harsh when extended, but it’s got better with the miles as it’s loosened up. You can cruise the fast lane and its alleged that the magic ton has been seen but its never going to win any traffic light Grand Prix.

The clutch action is high and can take a little getting used to but apart from that the driving is easy. You sit high in a high car (its taller than the A6 by some margin), the steering is light but feelsome and will do your bidding. Despite the tall stance it likes the corners and with a bit of practice will dance through a corner in a neutral glide although calming understeer is it's default setting.

The interior is a lovely place to be, in good comfortable seats with plenty of adjustment. Yes you can even raise the height but that must surely be for Snow Whites mates only. All the stereo controls are on the chunky three spoke steering wheel and the dash is stylish if a little hard to the touch. Cracking little stereo with loads of settings to keep the technos happy. MP3 CDs will play but there is no standard fit port for your portable music device, which in a car aimed at the younger market this is a bit of an oversight. The standard equipment stretches to a basic but handy trip computer giving MPG etc (in 1200 miles, mostly around town, it has averaged 42mpg). Insurance is cheaper than a 10 year old Mondeo, tax is £115 and being a Suzuki it comes with 3 years warranty and breakdown cover, again saving money over the Ford.

Rear room is generous, even for 6 footers, and with big wide doors access is easy. The boot is a good size and much bigger than the Mini’s, so fitting in bags and clutter for a long weekend is a synch. The lovely thing about it is the reactions from other road users - from the Max Power brigade to the big 4x4 owners - people smile, let you in at junctions and chat to you when filling up on the forecourt. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive cheap to run small car with loads of personality the Swift fits the bill.


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