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2006 Kia Sorento 2.5CRDi XE

Aug 2009 - Eighth Report (49,500 miles)

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2006 Kia Sorento XE 2006 Kia Sorento XE 2006 Kia Sorento XE 2006 Kia Sorento XE

It’s been an eventful time for Sorento since the last report. New tyres, a trip to Ireland, a blown intercooler and it’s first MOT.

First up, the tyres. I’ve always been aware that the standard Hancooks do nothing to improve the ride quality. Five minutes searching the internet forums and you discover lots of evidence that a swap to almost any other make can prove beneficial here. So, with the rears down to the legal limit and the fronts almost there, it was time to make the change.

With the Sorento’s mileage now down to less than 100 per week and the February snow causing havoc in these here parts, I decided I definitely wanted some proper All Terrains to replace the road-biased Hancooks. The various Sorento and general off-road forums were essential reading here and it wasn’t long until I’d decided on the Goodyear Wrangler AT. I contacted my tyre dealer (Dave at Kimberworth Service Station) and he gave me a price then went to check availability. Bad news, his supplier couldn’t get that tyre in my size but recommended the General Grabber AT2. I’d come across these during my research and they were on my short list too so, after some consternation, I decided to go for it and they were fitted the next weekend.

The only debate then was, white letters on the outside or the inside? Dave reckoned outside. DA teammates Nick and Mike said they’d disown me if they were inside it was. Dave also reckoned they’d be noisy. Now, I’ll be totally honest here, the Sorento is exceptionally quiet on the road with hardly any wind noise and virtually no road noise (must be all the rubber between driver and tarmac). It’s certainly one of the quietest cars I’ve driven in that respect. The AT2s are noisier, but not a lot. On the motorway there’s a muted whooshing noise, not unlike wind noise, but around town it’s hardly noticeable.

What is noticeable though is the improvement in ride quality. All that thick chunky rubber not only looks the part, it also takes the hard edge off the ride quality. It’s still not the most comfortable ride but it’s a big improvement. They can also cut the mustard off road too. Our recent trip to Ireland presented a chance to take the Sorento up a muddy hillside – no problems at all.

Whilst in Ireland the Sorento developed it’s first real problem – a loss of power and lots of black smoke. I took it to the nearest Kia dealer, O’Briens of Claremorris, and they diagnosed a blown intercooler. Whilst it would be covered under warranty they couldn’t get hold of the part until the following Tuesday as this was the Thursday before the Easter Bank Holiday. Fortunately, they confirmed I could continue to drive it. Still, the lack of power and clouds of smoke made the 300 mile journey home interesting.

The following week I visited my usual dealer, Kia Bolton, for the repairs to be carried out under warranty...just in time too as there were only a few weeks of the 3 year warranty remaining. Whilst there the Sorento also had its first MOT. The only issue was a blown sidelight bulb.

With the intercooler fixed (would’ve cost £400 if out of warranty) and the MOT sorted the Sorento is as good as new. Roll on the next 50,000 miles!


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