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2006 Kia Sorento 2.5CRDi XE

Feb 2009 - Seventh Report (47,000 miles)

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2006 Kia Sorento XE 2006 Kia Sorento XE 2006 Kia Sorento XE 2006 Kia Sorento XE

47,000 miles and still on the original tyres. Fellow DA’er Nick says that’s due to my smooth driving style. I say it’s ’cause they’re so damned hard. Seriously. I do love the Sorento but the ride is jarringly hard. Still, you get used to it and adopt an appropriate driving style...i.e. avoiding bumps and pot-holes. I’ve heard that swapping the standard Hankooks for some decent tyres makes a notable difference. Goodyear Wrangler, Bridgestone Dueller and BF Goodrich have all been recommended. I reckon there’s about 4,000 miles left on the fronts but the rears are almost down to the markers so I’ll probably swap them together, especially now I live in the deepest Yorkshire countryside.

Speaking of which, the heavy snow in early Feb really proved the Sorento’s worth, even with the road-biased Hankook’s. Taking the missus to the local railway station was a breeze, while all around us were lesser cars with two spinning wheels and increasingly frustrated drivers. Unfortunately, a lack of planning on my part meant that before I could get the Sorento off the drive I had to shift the BM out of the way. With two-wheel-drive and 6-inches of snow on the ground this proved quite a lengthy task, even though it only had to move about 20ft. After faffing around for far too long I eventually conceded defeat and had to completely clear a path for the BM to travel. Once free, the Sorento positively devoured the snow-covered roads. Mind you, the conditions were so hairy I wouldn’t like to have travelled much further than the 4 miles I did that day.

Since the last report the Sorento has had it’s 40,000 mile service. This, apparently was a big one, as evidenced by the bill...£523, although this did include new brake pads. Whilst the bill was hard to swallow, the service by Kia Bolton was again impeccable and the car was returned spotless. The loan car this time was a Kia Ceed SW (that’s Station Wagon if you didn’t know). I was quite impressed with looked good, drove well and the 1.6 diesel engine was eager and refined.

One problem I had between services was that the wiper blades needed replacing. Easier said than done! My usual method for replacing blades is to contact my dad as he deals in not only blades but also batteries and bulbs amongst other things. He promptly supplied me with a full set of three after-market, universal blades. They didn’t fit. Despite the packaging stating that they were suitable for the Sorento none of the supplied fittings were of the correct type/size. Needless to say I repacked them and returned them whence they came. Next stop, Halfords.

Here I checked the guide book, selected the suggested model numbers and went to the till. Anticipating a problem, I asked the sales assistant if I could return them if they didn’t fit.

"Would you like to try them before you pay?" she says. Blimey! I obviously look trustworthy. Brownie points for Halfords then.

"Great" says I, and headed outside to have a go. Well...the fittings looked like the correct type, but the Sorento’s wiper arm was too thick to accept any of them. I returned to the store and explained the situation.

"Oh, I’ll get one of our technicians to have a go if you want" she says.

"Yes, ’cause I’m a complete muppet and have no idea what I’m doing", I thought. What I said was "er...ok, if you think it will help". It didn’t. complaints about Halfords there...they were extremely helpful and polite. The girl even said she would report the issue to the manager.

So, two plans of attack thwarted. Next stop, main Kia dealer. I had avoided the dealers as I assumed I’d have to pay more. As it happens, they were no more expensive than Halfords (about £40 for all three) and they fitted perfectly. They even fitted them free of charge. Whilst the parts manager was fitting the blades I explained the problems I’d had and asked him if he had heard from other customers who’d had similar problems. He hadn’t, but said that they do seem to sell a surprising number of Sorento blades! QED!

The only other minor problem has been that the rear wiper and washer stopped working but this turned out to be just a blown fuse and was easily fixed.

Other than that, life with the Sorento is great.


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