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2006 Kia Sorento 2.5CRDi XE

Apr 2008 - Sixth Report (31,800 miles)

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2006 Kia Sorento XE 2006 Kia Sorento XE 2006 Kia Sorento XE

I don’t know what I did wrong. I always treat my Sorento with respect (except for those occasions when I like to give it a good thrashing). I clean it regularly. I check the levels and tyre pressures regularly. I adhere to the recommended service schedules. I even take it off-road now and again just to give it a change from the normal daily commute. But...last month it tried to kill me! No kidding!

Picture this. I leave home, through my local village and up the hill into the moors. The road opens out into a fast, national limit B-road. But, you know the story, Mr average in his average saloon doesn’t know about speed limits so he does 35 through the 30 zone in the village and continues at 35 once into the national limit (did I mention it’s Sunday?). So I dutifully and sensibly stay behind him up the hill (I even remain calm, despite every fibre in my body screaming at me that 35 in a 60 zone is pants). Once over the crest I can see that the road ahead is clear so I drop it to third, check the mirror and do my over the shoulder life saver (something I had drummed into me when I did my bike test), indicate, pull out and floor it. The wave of torque catapults me towards the horizon. Er...okay...bit of an exaggeration there. I accelerate at an adequate rate and begin to pass Mr Saloon. At which point the engine dies. Suddenly, as a car rounds the bend ahead, that safe overtaking opportunity seems anything but.

The next few moments see me quickly consider my options. Braking seems unsuitable as the car behind was beginning to overtake too. There’s nowhere to pull in on the right other than the soft moorland so that’s not an option. Fortunately, Mr Saloon hasn’t changed his speed so I have just enough momentum to coast past him, indicate left and pull onto the hard verge. The car originally behind me must have sensed what’s going on and has abandoned his passing manoeuvre. As Mr Saloon passes me I expect beeping horns and hurled abuse but there’s none – perhaps he’s as oblivious to my presence as he is to the speed limit.

I look to my wife alongside me just as the look of sheer panic on her face begins to drift into relief. I catch a glimpse of my daughter in the rear-view mirror, but she’s too absorbed in her DS to have noticed the drama. I close my eyes and thank the maker (that’s the Supreme Being, not Kia). After something like this you analyse your own actions. Was it a sensible place to overtake? – well...yes, the road was straight and clear and the whole manoeuvre would have been completed well within the speed limit. Did I need to pass him?...well, now I’m just being silly.

When I think about it there were a couple of occasions when the car cut out during the previous week. Both occurred when pulling out of the same junction and in exactly the same way. I pulled out in first gear, accelerated quite hard as it’s a busy road, changed to second, foot down, revs began to rise and then, for just a moment, a loss of power, but the problem disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

By pure coincidence (and by prior arrangement) the Sorento was due for its 30,000 mile service the very next day, so these incidents were top of my to-do list for the dealer, Kia Bolton again. As I explained the issue to service manager Mike, he seemed genuinely concerned. I asked him if he had any ideas and he suspected it might be the fuel filter – apparently as they deteriorate they can sometimes cause fuel starvation.

As usual, the car was returned to me spotlessly clean – they even made a good job of the wheels. During the service the computer showed up no errors or issues and as the fuel filter was replaced as a matter of course Mike was confident the problem was solved. In the 2,000 miles since then everything’s been OK so I guess he was right.

Am I happy? Well, it took quite a few miles to regain my confidence in the Sorento but yes, I am happy again. Hopefully this was just a minor blip in the otherwise trouble-free Sorento experience.


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