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2006 Kia Sorento 2.5CRDi XE

Feb 2008 - Fifth Report (27,600 miles)

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What's the worst thing that could happen to you on one of Britain's grimy mid-winter motorways? Well...maybe not the worst thing. There are plenty of worse things that could, your partner rings and tells you they've been having an affair with your best mate and not to bother going home as they've changed the locks...or...your boss calls and says that raise you were promised has been given to the Polish cleaner as part of the companies drive towards improving equality and international relations...or...the driver of the 40 tonne truck on the opposite carriageway decides he's bored with his journey and heads through the central reservation to check out your side of the road. Fortunately none of those happened, so not the worse thing then, but still pretty upsetting...the windscreen washers packed up.

This took me by surprise as I always check the fluid levels on a regular basis, and in any case the low level warning light had not come on. I could hear the motor whirring so it wasn't an electrical problem. When I pulled the stalk there was a very brief spurt of water then nothing. I suspected a blockage somewhere. The fact that the rear washer had also stopped suggested the blockage was at the pump/bottle end. Either that or the water was frozen. As the temperature was 8 degrees Celsius I decided this was unlikely.

When I got home I checked the washer was over half full. I checked for leaks...there were none. So it must be a blockage. Unfortunately, the main body of the washer bottle is hidden deep in the engine bay and can only be accessed from below. A quick look under the car suggested this was no job for a cold, dark and very windy Thursday night, so it would have to wait until weekend. Friday's commute was interesting!

Sunday arrived and I set about my task. It went something like this. Jack the car up and remove the wheel. Remove front mud flap (4 screws). Remove inner wheel arch liner (12 plastic studs). Remove pump from bottle by prising the top part out of the retainer clip and pulling the pump body out of the bottle (unless the bottle is empty you might want a bucket here). On the end of the pump is a filter which can then be removed and cleaned. Mine was full of creamy-white coloured goo which looked remarkably like saturated sawdust! I also took this opportunity to flush the water bottle with clean water to remove any crap. This done, I put it all back together again. The washers now work. Thanks to the guys on the UK Sorento Forum for advice.

So what did I learn from this experience?

  • You don't realise how often you use your washers until you can't.
  • When your washers are not working the wipers just smear the crap all across the screen.
  • No matter how long you leave the wipers on for the view does not get any better.
  • De-icer is a good substitute for windscreen washers.
  • Trying to squirt de-icer on your windscreen at 70 mph is tricky and you get wet.
  • The spray generated by a large truck is better than trying to spray de-icer on your windscreen at 70 mph.
  • When filling up your washer bottle it's probably best not to use the water from the watering can beneath the work bench where you've recently been sawing.
  • It would be a good idea if Kia fitted a filter to the washer bottle at the end where you fill it up (my VW Passat had one).

Apart from this little adventure, Sorento life is still trouble-free and thoroughly enjoyable.


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