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2006 Kia Sorento 2.5CRDi XE

Aug 2006 - Second Report, First Big Trip (1,080 miles)

2006 Kia Sorento XE 2006 Kia Sorento XE 2006 Kia Sorento XE 2006 Kia Sorento XE 2006 Kia Sorento XE

Just back from two weeks in Ireland and the Sorento performed brilliantly. Although, the day after collecting it, a strange thing happened...the heater controls stopped responding. They had been working earlier in the day but now, no matter which of the three dials I turned there was no change to the speed, direction or temperature of the airflow. I fiddled with all the controls, switched the ignition off and on several times (well it works for my PC!) and even opened the bonnet, desperation was setting in!. Was this the catch I had been expecting?

I left the car in the car park at work and went inside feeling quite depressed. I called the dealer, who sounded quite surprised, and booked it in for a check up. When I had finished work I returned to the car. I turned the key and, being a glutton for punishment, started fiddling with the heater controls again. They worked! Hmmm...did I imagine it? I tried again. They worked. I tried all the different switch positions in various combinations. Everything worked as it should. The following morning it was still working and has done so ever since. Teething trouble or sign of things to come? Time will tell.

That little gremlin aside, the Sorento is great. The boot is huge and the roller load cover does actually manage to cover the whole area, unlike on some of its rivals. The fact that the rear window pops up makes loading those last few items a just have to remember to take them out the same way before opening the boot!

The journey across Ireland was immensely enjoyable. With me, the excitement of having a new car takes quite a while to wear off and there was nothing on this journey to dampen that joyous feeling. The seats are comfortable but could do with a little more lateral support in both the front and rear. There is loads of leg, head and arm room for all passengers and plenty of storage space all round. The JVC Stereo sounds fantastic. I’ve yet to locate the subwoofer but there must be one somewhere as the bass response is BIG! All the controls feel solid and built to last and everything falls easily to hand. The steering is very light and a little deft of feel but, to be honest, I’d be surprised if this type of vehicle was any different given the amount of rubber between it and the road.

The additional ground clearance the Sorento provides made the journey much more relaxing than in my previous Passat. No longer was I anticipating the next invisible hump or depression and the accompanying crash of plastic on tarmac...I could maintain progress at (around) the legal speed limit without that particular worry.

One thing that did surprise me about the Sorento is the fact that the pedals are perfectly positioned for heel and toe down changes. Whilst I do like to motor along at a fair old pace from time to time I always try to ensure I drive with maximum smoothness and safety. The ability to heel and toe your down changes is not only mechanically sympathetic when done correctly but also provides the smoothest experience for your passengers. I would have never expected a car like this to so easily facilitate the practice. More joy!

Only one minor complaint so far, the gearchange seems a bit stiff, especially when changing from 1st to 2nd; it’s quite clunky and obstructive. Hopefully it will loosen up as the miles increase.

I’m really looking forward to my time with the Sorento. After such a great start, and still no apparent catch, things are looking good.


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