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Caterham Seven 1600 Super Sport

Apr 2009 - Third Report

Caterham Seven 1600 Super Sport

Yes Yes Yes. The Seven’s back on the road and the world is a great place to be. You forget just how quick it is.

This winter’s little tweaks were minor - a new 52mm throttle body being the only performance upgrade but the response to my right foot was snappier and the mid range urge seems keener. Today’s little blat was bliss, just an hour and half but just wonderful. Lots of "classic" cars out, motorbikes all revelling in the joy of driving / riding. Kids smiling and waving, people seemed pleased to be alive today, they waved me past, they left gaps to overtake, oh what a lovely day. It felt so good threading the Seven through the corners, playing with the bikes, they pulling away under acceleration me closing the gap under breaking and catching them in the bends. I felt alive like I was coming out of hibernation.

Here’s hoping that the spring and summer are full of days like today and the driving gods are with us.


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