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2006 Mazda RX8 (192) Coupe

Feb 2008 - Second Report (7,050 miles)

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Success!!! We finally obtained a spare key for the RX8. After nine months, many fruitless phone calls and dealer visits, it eventually took a letter to Mazda and a change in dealership management to get some action. But credit where it’s due, the new management team at Lythgoe Mazda Rochdale sorted the spare key for us promptly and promised that things would be different from now on, with substantial staff “retraining” and improved customer service.

The Missus went to the dealership to collect the new key and whilst there she reported a couple of other problems. Firstly, the passenger side sun visor had developed a fault. My daughter pulled the visor down one day and after that it wouldn’t stay up. A closer inspection revealed that the visor had in fact split apart at the seam around the mounting bracket. The efficient gentleman on the service desk stated that this was the fourth time he’d encountered the problem on the RX8 and that it would be covered under warranty.

Secondly, the other issue this month has been that some mindless numpty got a bit too close to the RX in a car park. The resulting damage to the front bumper comprised a scrape, a slight bulge just below the front nearside indicator and three separate places where the paint had actually chipped off (see photo). Needless to say they didn’t leave their contact details. Lythgoe recommended a repairer and arranged it for us.

The service manager also pointed out that the car was subject to a recall – Mazda discovered that “corrosion can occur on the metal oil cooler hoses causing, in severe cases, leakage of engine oil” - like it doesn't use enough already! So it required modified oil cooler hoses and associated mudguards to be fitted. The car was booked in for the following Friday for the recall and visor work, with the bodywork to be done the week after.

Friday arrived and the Missus took the car as arranged but the lady on the service desk was only expecting it for the recall work and knew nothing of the visor...oh dear! So that didn’t get fixed. But not to worry, they could do it when it went in for the body work.

Fortunately, the next visit went as planned. The visor was replaced under warranty and the bumper was repaired. It cost £130 but was well worth it as they did a fantastic job (see photo) – you’d never know if you didn’t know.

The RX8 is now as good as new and everything is as it should be (finally). I still can’t get used to the amount of oil it consumes (about 3 litres in 5,200 miles), and fuel (the last tank returned 18.1mpg – average so far about 21mpg) but that’s the nature of the beast I guess and as it only goes about 100miles a week it’s not really an issue.

One thing I didn’t point out in my first report is that the gap between 3rd and 4th gears is rather large so if you’re really going for it you have to be committed and use all the revs in 3rd before changing up or you’ll be out of the power band and loose momentum. Once you account for this and drive accordingly it’s fine. If you really can’t live with it go for the high power version - that has a six-speed ‘box.

More importantly, whatever speed you drive it at, the RX is an absolute pleasure to be in.


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