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Mini at 50 - Anniversary of an Icon

Oct 2009

Mini at 50 DVD Cover

In 1959 an automotive icon was born. But I wonder if Sir Alec Issigonis could have imagined the impact his little front-engined, front-wheel-drive Mini would have. Sure, he must have hoped for its success, but for it to attain such classless popularity and perhaps cult status, surely no-one could have foreseen.

Well, 50 years on, and Mini is arguably more popular than ever. OK, so the BMW Mini (designed and mostly developed before BMW bought Rover group, I hasten to add) may bear only a passing resemblance to the original but its spirit lives on. I know...I’ve owned both. And there are few cars that can provide more smiles per mile than a Mini. In fact, I propose that you cannot call yourself a true petrolhead unless you’ve owned one.

Well, in May 2009 to celebrate Mini’s 50th birthday, a party was thrown at Silverstone. Mini United 09 turned out to be the largest gathering of Mini enthusiasts ever, with some 25,000 of them from all over the world packing the Northamptonshire circuit. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it myself, but that’s not a problem as this DVD from Duke makes sure I didn’t miss a thing. Tim Harvey (Touring Car Legend) is our guide around the event and some of the highlights include; interviews with Paddy Hopkirk, Michael Cooper, Rauno Aaltonen, Mini racing highlights (both classic and new), Russ Swift Stunt Show and some of the most amazing Minis you’re likely to see anywhere. Oh, and don’t miss the Mini car wash!

So, as it says on the box – "If you were there, this is an essential record – if you couldn’t make it, find out just what a birthday blast you missed".


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Mini at 50 - Anniversary of an Icon was released 12 October 2009 on DVD, priced at £19.56 and is available from leading video outlets or direct from Duke Video: Tel 01624 640 000, fax 01624 640 001 or email Visit online.

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