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2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE

Nov 2009 - Final Report

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2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE 2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE 2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE

One of the features we all consider when acquiring a vehicle is the safety standard. A fabulous series of tests has been applied to most cars to see "What happens if...?" and the often ghastly results are all stuffed into a huge comparison table to give consumers a safety rating – the Jeep was 4 star.

These tests are valuable as they encourage the manufacturers to give due consideration to the safety of anyone inside or outside of the vehicle in the event of an incident. The tests have also contributed to increased size and weight of all our cars and therefore a proportional worsening of the fuel economy/early onset planet decay/etc... but no matter, a reduced risk of serious injury is a bonus.

How many of us consumers ever expect to put these ratings to the test is a different issue though. Whilst the Health and Safety brigade may keep the EuroNCAP figure at the top of their buying chart, it soon slips down below bhp and in some cases wheel size for many of us. Crash survival was certainly a test I wasn’t considering for my Jeep – but it got tested anyway without my consent in an incident the blame for which remains unresolved, hence a lack of the juicy details right now in case it affects my case – other than to say the impact damage begins just behind my drivers door and I was on a straight road....

The fact that my daughter, niece and I survived at all after we went from 60mph down to 0 via a tree in a very short distance is great testament to the resilient qualities of the Jeep, the fact that we were all completely unharmed is miraculous and I’d like to give thanks to higher powers than Chrysler Group for that.

You will see from the photographs that the impact was significant enough to make an 18 month old Jeep "beyond economic repair". Even after the loss of the rear off-side tyre the car remained stable enough to stay upright with enough control to avoid the wall, the 2 yard drop to one side, a head-on with the tree which took the near-side off, and the cabin space survived both initial "poke" and subsequent tree surgery. A 5-star DA safety rating from me for that test then.

The after effects have been more emotionally wounding though. I did my best at the scene to both care for my passengers and check the health of third party/witnesses etc. whilst trying to recall the insurance needs. Jeep Aftercare took care of removing the three wheel Cherokee and sending me a shiny new Grande Cherokee so my business could resume without financial consequences. The slow, inefficient wheels of the insurance companies began to roll (6 months and counting guys) and the ambulance chasing, immoral, no win no fee agencies began to call – shame on you. I had to reconcile myself with the loss of a much loved car and begin again on a new search, with new criteria (see How not to sell a new car).

We are very lucky not to have been injured, something the crash test dummies should be given credit for, and I have got a lovely new car. The Cherokee has been everything I both wanted and needed. It has been the favourite family runaround and a faultless workhorse. It shouldn’t have ended like this.

So farewell then faithful Jeep.


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