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2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE

Jan 2009 - Fourth Report (18,000 miles)

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2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE 2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE

Beginning of August and the Jeep passes the 12,000 mile, first service mark. As I didn’t need a courtesy car, JCT600 Wakefield didn’t need much warning to be able to take the Cherokee in. So it was an 8.30am drop off, they phoned with details at 11.30am and it was all finished by 3pm for a grand total £213. The one minor issue of an over-sensitive alarm was also dealt with under warranty with a replaced sensor. There was a complimentary 1litre oil can in the boot just in case (not needed to date) but the car didn’t get washed because that particular "technician" had called in sick – however I have an open invitation to return at my convenience for that express reason. That’s a gold star for the Jeep dealers then.

Servicing aside, the Jeep continues to deliver 100% satisfaction. With careful driving I can average over 30mpg for normal use - it tends to slip below that with a few days boosting in the turbo band. Long journeys are quite restful, apart from the trouble brought by some other road users. I miss the cruise control of previous cars but remember that brings it’s own issues if used around vehicles that haven’t got it. The levels of grip and control in corners still amazes me when compared with my experience of previous 4x4s, of course rear slip can be induced but otherwise travelling speed can be maintained even in the wet – very impressive.

When asked to collect a sofa the commodious luggage space proved ample and when offered an 8’ by 4’ oak dining table the Jeep exceeded expectation with just a little rear projection made possible by the split tailgate. As always, a good choice of anchor-points made the cargo stable and the journey safe. Hurray for ratchet straps.

Finally the Cherokee took my family and I on our holiday to Wales. We stayed in cottage on a hill farm who’s only access was half a mile up an old gravel and mud track, fording two streams and finishing up a 1 in 3 climb. The part-time 4 wheel drive was essential for adequate control (especially the descent) and I swear the car would have wagged it’s tail like a dog if it could. We didn't choose the location because of the approach but had I known how much fun it would be I would have made it a condition for going. Only thing is, I may need to take the dealers up on their offer of a free clean now!


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