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2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE

Feb 2008 - Third Report (5,000 miles)

2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE 2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE

The Jeep has just passed the 5,000 mile mark and I love it. We've had some pretty extreme weather lately and my confidence grows in the stability and ability to avoid potential hazards. I have had to engage 4-wheel-drive to pull me through wet, slippery mud. I have had to negotiate many icy roads where others have run out of skill or luck and redesigned the dry stone walls. The high winds which put the truck on it's face near here did not trouble me and the most recent floods simply provided exciting "photo opportunities" - if only it hadn't been raining quite so hard, no-one in the DA wanted to stand out with their camera. It's taken everything the elements have thrown at it and I'm happy!

My early disappointment with reduced cargo space is also resolved. I recently had to move a chair and not only could it stand upright in the back but I didn't even need to fold down the back seats – it fitted perfectly safely in the space behind them, with enough room for padding. The anchor points in the floor of the rear space were ideally sited for the ratchet tie-down too, so I set off thoroughly delighted. I took the “shortest route” as playfully suggested by the Tom Tom, which took a creative route through temporary streams, steep hairpins and grouse moor. Both chair and I arrived at destination exactly on time, unbroken and perfectly relaxed. The sky was heavy with snow too so I made sure I took my time with the delivery just to give the roads a chance to catch some of it before my triumphant return home. Great.


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