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2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE

Dec 2007 - Second Report (3,344 miles)

2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE 2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE 2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE

3,000 miles ago I became the proud owner of a brand new Jeep. I’d owned the marque before but had not driven this particular model. I was brimming with excitement and pride in equal measure and washing it nearly every day (twice on Sundays).

So how am I 3,000 miles later? Frankly, still brimming with pride and excited to turn the key - just not washing it any more, well at least not quite as often.

The Jeep, in deep, shiny black, with body coloured trim, shiny black wheel arches and shiny black Jeep grill looks every bit like the black panther. Obviously more brick shaped and not exactly silent, but nevertheless, to me its a dark predator waiting for the stealthy over-take. And it has the pace, as soon as the revs pass 2,500 the turbo engages and lustily increases the rate of acceleration, power delivery ever stronger through third, fourth, fifth and sixth. I have yet to keep the turbo spooling constantly up through the gears as the revs drop below 2,500 each change up, but the lag is very brief.

Outside of the power band, I find the acceleration less than exhilarating especially when it’s needed for pulling safely away from junctions through first and second - the Jeep isn’t as slow here as other vehicles I have driven, but for something which has such good top end grunt I am just a little disappointed here.

The engine has bedded in well though and I have got used to the high clutch if not the "what gear am in?" syndrome. I must mention the brakes again too - they are perfect for this weight of vehicle. Only today I had to come to an emergency stop (55mph to 0) as the ageing speedster in front of me got panicked by an on-coming scooter. It’s all very well me being able to read the road ahead but if the person in front can’t it all comes down to reaction speeds and safety zones. I am pleased to report that my brakes were far more effective than his and I stopped neatly, quickly and in a straight line. I had the means to extract his car too but I think he preferred the hedge.

I knew I was making a compromise on cargo space when I chose this car, I just hadn’t realised quite how much. Already I have had to make alternative arrangements for collecting large objects which I could previously have picked up along the way - however there is a lot to be said for being used to things and I’m still finding the limits. At least the family trips aren’t tinged with the worry that comes with owning an old car that might let you down before you even set off!

The niggling annoyance has arrived with the high winds of the season - at least it coincides with the current high winds and cold temperatures. The alarm is triggering with some regularity, usually during dinner rather than at 2am, and it will happen two or three times in an hour then not again for a few days. I have checked the usual suspects such as doors not shut properly or windows not entirely seated, but can’t find a reason other than hyper-sensitivity. I will raise this with the Service Team at JCT600 Wakefield (suppliers) when I get the time to drop in, but until then keep the keys close at hand and an eye on the weather.

Sadly that new car pride is changing my behaviour, a recent walk over the muddy moors was ended with me bagging everyone’s boots up before I’d let them back in. Oh dear, that’s not what a 4x4 is for.


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