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2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE

Oct 2007 - First Report (101 miles)

2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE 2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE 2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE

I will first confess to this being my new car so read the following with that in mind...

As with many 4x4s, the first thing you notice is that you are stepping up into the driver’s seat rather than sitting down, and rather than settling into the welcoming comfort of a luxury armchair (i.e. my old Grand Cherokee) I notice just how school chair-like the new seats are. However, I still have a commanding view of the road, looking across the very pleasing contours of the shiny new bonnet.

The cockpit appears to possess less scale than previous models and I feel less like a small child trying to reach across to the controls, in fact I have an early confidence based on the intuition gained from automatically knowing were everything is. False hope it seems as I turn on the headlights instead of the wipers.

However all else is perfect. The brake response is ideal for me with good bite when called for but nothing overly eager. Mostly the clutch control is good and the acceleration/deceleration crisp and responsive. All round visibility is good, as is the body stability - although as a 4x4 it still displays that four-legged mountain goat kind of effect over the rougher terrain.

I’m finding the clutch release a little too high so far though and the growly engine seems to slip a little even after my foot has left the pedal, I’m just cutting my teeth however - until I accidentally crash reverse instead of the aimed for 6th gear. Yes the new model Jeep manual transmission includes the "must have" 6th forward gear...a little counter-intuitive at first as one has to pull against the natural 3rd to 4th spring loading - the opposite to moving to 2nd. We got used to having a 5th gear quickly enough though so it won’t take long. And my how this car pulls! I live near a really long, steep hill, a famous torque killer, but this new Jeep can really pick up the speed even up hill from 5th. Great - the extra 300cc really makes a difference.

The odometer is now showing 101 miles and I still have to spend some quiet time fiddling with buttons and settings. I already love it, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it, but I know just how well I will get to know it over the next few months and how rewarding I’m going find driving from A to B...via Z where possible.


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