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2009 Jeep Patriot 2.0CRD Limited

Aug 2010 - Second Report (15,000 miles)

2009 Jeep Patriot 2.0CRD Limited 2009 Jeep Patriot 2.0CRD Limited 2009 Jeep Patriot 2.0CRD Limited

Still loving Tupac. The car comfortably delivers whatever is asked of it – a cruise to London and back (44mpg); cross country run on Bs and Cs (38mpg); school run slog (39.5mpg); family holiday 600-1000 miles constant use with all necessary accoutrements (42.5mpg). Brilliant.

As ever I sometimes try to squeeze in a large piece of furniture – not failed me yet – and I find the rear privacy glass adds an extra element of security to the excursion. Which is also useful for those hot, bright sunny days we are so often plagued with too, but it confused an aged aunt into thinking the weather was darkening for rain.

The oil, water and tyre pressures have remained pleasingly constant since new and the relatively short (9,000 mile) service intervals are relatively painless. One small niggle is, I understand, a VAG regular (it has a VAG sourced engine and some common features), the cruise control doesn’t always engage leading to the comic sensation of accelerating up to chosen cruise speed only to immediately lose speed after failing to set it – something for the next service.

Overall it remains everything I chose it for – characterful, useful and usable, reliable and economical.

From the first description of this car, the more observant of you may have been left wondering just what exactly is "Freedom-Drive I™ active full-time 4WD (lockable)". Does it mean it runs in front wheel drive until you need a bit of help when either a) the rears kick in on their own or b) you have to select the 4WD lock to obtain full traction? I certainly wasn’t sure even though I bought it so there was only one thing to do – find a soft slippery surface, turn traction control off and drop the clutch. I’m proud to inform you all that as soon as the front wheels slip the drive is automatically shared with the rears – brilliant.


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