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2004 Seat Ibiza 1.2SX

Jan 2008 - First Report (39,600 miles)

2004 Seat Ibiza 1.2SX 2004 Seat Ibiza 1.2SX 2004 Seat Ibiza 1.2SX

The SX is the perfect run-about. It’s nippy, smart, manoeuvrable, economical and reliable. The ideal car to take into town, or travel to work in. No real luxury and it isn’t going to tempt you into challenging someone into a motoring dual, but nevertheless a highly recommended choice for anyone balancing budget against dreams.

It comes with 3 cylinders, 3 doors and room enough for...5. That’s right, there is room enough inside to get 3 average sized people across the back seat. If you don’t have 3 average people for the back but 1 small child instead, that leaves ample room for enough luxury luggage and toys for a two week stay in central France. I know because I did it.

The car came into its own on the Autoroutes, it had never really been above 70mph in the UK and always felt as though it was at the end of it’s comfort zone, but set free in France with an extra 10mph and our Spanish Flea found new legs and settled into a comfortable cruise. I can still remember feeling the car seem to struggle over what felt like it’s peak into a smooth, gliding 80mph - and it stayed there for hours, content at last, as though I had only just learned to drive properly. Warning: please do not follow my lead on UK roads, I was pushing my luck in France!

I’m used to driving a 4x4 but I always enjoy the chance for a dash to the local town in the Ibiza. The lack of body roll and comparative diminutive dimensions bring a smile to my face every time. I like the distinct cornering and crisp acceleration, and I know I can squeeze it into any parking space. I don’t like the rev limiter though, it always catches me out when I think I see a decent overtaking opportunity. I don’t much like being a passenger in it either. Don’t assume I am a bad passenger, quite the contrary, with mates like Gav and Nick I rarely get to drive, but of all the cars in which I have travelled it’s only the Ibiza that makes me queasy. I suspect it is down to the combination of firm ride and Pennine roads, and definitely nothing to do with the pie for lunch.

I like the build quality too, and what the brand represents. Even though it is essentially a VW, in the UK choosing the SEAT not only means you are too mean to buy a Polo but also suggests the desire to be a little different - a goat rather than a sheep - and, if branding stands for anything, you enjoy the driving experience that little bit more because you have chosen a car with more personality. All of this is true for us (did I mention the car belongs to my wife?), we wanted value for money, quality within budget, a car with an identity and a dealership with credibility - and, as this is the second Ibiza we have owned, I am satisfied we got exactly what we wanted!


2004 Seat Ibiza 1.2SX
2004 Seat Ibiza 1.2SX

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