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2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD Sport SE - 20th February 2009

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Jeep Cherokee Jeep Cherokee

Hi guys - we all like a proper man’s car don’t we? Throbbing engine, rugged styling and the ability to conquer anything nature can throw at you. Well let me tell you, your fearless journo has laughed in the face of the Ice Queen and dared to venture out into the frozen wastes of Yorkshire to give you a taste of what it’s like to tame the beast that is the Jeep Cherokee.

From the first glimpse of it’s big, bold, five fingered alloys, clad in the gloves that are Goodyear’s rugged Wranglers, you know this baby is ready to rock. Dressed to impress in black, it stands there, loud and proud, against the virginal white landscape, just begging you to slip inside it’s leather lined luxury interior, crank up the stereo with Keith Urban kicking out some smoking driving tunes and ride out into the winter wonderland.

The big powerful diesel pulls better than Johnny Depp in a convent yet the ride is as smooth as a Disney soundtrack. When the going gets tough this 4-wheeled stallion gets going, shift seamlessly into 4-wheel drive and thrust deep into the soft, moist valley that is this green lane. Feel the chunky tread of those Wranglers cutting through the snow to scratch the back of mother earth as you push deeper into this white hell. Soon I am surfing on the wave of torque that only big cubes can deliver and this leviathan of an engine is delivering in spades.

It’s not just off-road that this American Icon delivers - back into 2-wheel drive and on John McAdam’s finest, the seamless power delivery soon has you barrelling towards driving nirvana. The power slide as the back swings round, I thought this Cherokee may be one hot squaw but let me tell you reader, like any Indian brave worth his tomahawk, I tamed her with a dab of oppo’.


[Dear Reader – this shameless parody to one of the fine contributors to Sniff Petrol was produced in response to the witty comments of the DA Editor to one of the team here at the DA. I post it now, without prejudice, as both homage to Sniff and as a benchmark for our contributors. Editor in Jeep, Mike.]

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